Thursday, February 4, 2010

"West Coast" (promo)

Adobe Illustrator with a "touch" of Photoshop... featuring a few of my talented friends. (Left to right) Lyrics Born, Megabusive, Dave Paul (Bomb Hip-Hop), Dem One and G-Wrex (Finger Bangerz)

I've got too much love for how we represent the west coast. Its hard finding a shirt that can represent California as a whole. Usually you see the same idea, a single color silhouette of the state of California or the Bear used numerous times... Too many "Bay Area Stand Up" shirts or "Killa Cali" using impact font with a bunch of area codes on the back of the shirt... it's the same gimmick. My "West Coast" takes tribute to that old school "Wild Style" flavor with the same number of letters, but for the West Coast Cats ya' know! I just wanna rep that pride and rep folks looking fly!

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