Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Satisfied Customer

My Homie Chris (of Solano County) is 2 for 2 in getting my prints on TV!

"Tony, can I buy one of your prints and can it say "I Love Ellis" (with a heart) for Fridays game?'s for my daughter, not me!"
No doubt Chris! Out of all my friends, Chris has the absolute best seats in the house... courtside! Thanks for always buying prints from me and making sure it gets on the tube! You're famous Brotha'! I knew this season was gonna be a tough one for us. My wife and I have only been to 5 games and if there was one thing we loved doing was bringing sign designs for the players and fans to smile about. Since I started selling prints, it's found its way to the Arena and I greatly appreciate the exposure. It keeps the fun alive! Thank goodness he didn't whip out the "We Suck" signs out during the Dallas Victory last Friday!

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