Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Off the bench... Corey Maggette

He's The 50 Million Dollar Man off the bench... Corey Maggette

I remember 3 years ago (before the "We Believe" days) My wife and I went to see a Clippers game vs. Golden State. I vividly recall myself saying, "That would be dope if we had Corey Maggette on our team... that dude is explosive on offense!" 3 seasons later we actually got him! (Turiaf too who I wanted last season lol!)For 50 million dollars, I wasn't quite happy hearing the news of him coming off the bench at that price but he's putting up some serious 6th Man of the Year numbers. (20 points per game, etc) Maggs is the type of guy we need to boost up an already deep offense. But we also need a true point guard and some serious bigs to compliment Biedrins and Turiaf on the defensive tip. (Wright and Randolph are dope but don't help us produce wins, sooner or later they will!) Having Maggette sign to our team was a surprising move this season, I was hoping we'd go for a big man... like Elton Brand. Overall, I called it 3 years ago and I ain't too mad to have Corey on our squad. Just for laughs...

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