Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mac Jax is... "Thizzle Jackson"

Since Golden State's last season, a handful of fans at the games would tell me "You should do a Mac Dre drawing of Stephen Jackson..." I could picture it in my head but couldn't get an idea out till my homie told me to draw Mac Dre's "Thizzelle Washington" cover. Check it out... yaDAdaMEan?!


  1. love this one. all your art works are genius. keep up the great work man.

  2. LOL... Thanks man, I remember someone trying to tell me to leave the concepts to people with real idea's... coz my stuff was "corny." If I did that, It would be like having another day job all over again. My idea's can get a little offbeat, but it makes my day... I'm hoping I can put a laugh of 2 in your faces as well!