Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dray-Hulk: Comic cover art mash-up!

Inspiration: I love comic book art from the 70's and 80’s. I’ve always wanted to do mash-up concepts blending together my passion for comic art and Warriors basketball. Decided to have a little fun and do a cover swipe idea featuring Marvel’s Incredible Hulk and our Dubs very own Draymond Green! Back in the days, Marvel used to put out this comic series called “What If…” and decided to do my own version of Draymond transforming into the Hulk! 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hot off the press: Dubs All Day Gold 2017!

I literally released this as soon as the Warriors won their second titles in 3 years. As soon as that clock hit zero this was available for purchase and nearly sold out in the span of 24 hours. I love the print job, it has a gold shimmer coat that makes it shine in direct sun light. The message speaks for itself. Cheers Dubs fans to another championship!

My new business card design!

My new double sided business card. Inspiration: I have 25 years experience as a vector artist (using Adobe Illustrator) and another 7+ years doing package design. I wanted to design something I hope people won't toss and will take the time to look at my work on-line.
I love to collect toys. It's not just the action figure that's inside I love, I'm a huge fan of the entire package as a whole from the color use, logo placement, font selection and the graphic layout. I love the packaging for Funko Pop's so much I turned my biz card into a Pop box! Enjoy, Tpsd.

Package design / Custom Funko Box: Kevin Durant

Had some fun with this. I just couldn't limit myself to drawing custom Funko Pop's so I took it to the next step and designed the packaging. Based on my measurements, this should match an actual Pop box! Wishful thinking from a Warriors fan.

Hot off the press: My new "16-1" design!

Inspiration: Prior to game 4 of the NBA Finals, I had a "16-0" design ready to go. I personally thought it spoke volume as a huge accomplishment for our Golden State Warriors. Than we lost game 4. I had this graphic on my monitor the following day and my wife said "it's a shame we can't use that anymore." 16-1 just didn't sound appealing... until I removed the number 1 and replaced it with a trophy. Glad it worked out! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kevin Durant Funko Pop artwork

Another custom Funko Pop illustration I did of Kevin Durant last night on Adobe Illustrator. Everything including his "Dad hat" is vector art, lol. Fun little project I'm working on. I couldn't be happier for our team! Congrats Warriors!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Javale McGee: ODMG x Wu-tang mash-up art

Marvel inspired Hip-Hop variant cover and a personal favorite: Golden State Warriors big man Javale McGee portrayed in ODB's iconic album cover "Return to the 36 Chambers: The dirty version." I did good on this one and Javale himself reposted it on his Instagram page!

Splashonia: Outkast x Warriors mash-up art

Vector art I worked on last month depicting Golden State Warriors very own Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry in Outkast's classic "Stankonia" album cover. I was inspired by Marvel's Hip-Hop variant covers and decided to do my own mash up's featuring Golden State Warriors players and iconic hip-hop cover. It looks like Big Boi of Outkast too notice and reposted it on his Instagram and Twitter pages!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Homies Project: Making em' all Funko Pop's

Personal project I've been working on. "How to draw Funko Pop's." Big Abe has volunteered to be my reference model. He's a big deal in the Import Car Show scene and a very good friend. 
I wanted it to really resemble him so I referenced everything there was on drawing a Pop figure. From the color use, to gradient fills, to the shadows and drawing style. I studied the packaging from top to bottom! Abe is a buff dude so I referenced different Pop's like Luke Cage, Mr. T, John Cena (his camo shorts, lol), I even had to draw a generic car rim on his neck! Definitely a fun project, the plan is to draw me and a lot of my homies as custom Funko Pop's! I might surprise ya'! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meeting Harrison Barnes aka "The Black Falcon"

Where do I even begin? Last month I decided to draw Harrison Barnes as a super hero similar to Falcon from the Marvel Comics universe. Us Warriors fans nick named him "The Black Falcon" and I wanted to do something fun. Anyways, he saw the drawing and wanted a copy of the design. Came in contact with someone in the front office that was arranging a meet up and in all honesty, what ever happened, would happened. HB is a busy guy and basketball is their main focus. I was just happy to give him one!

It was the Nuggets game about 2 weeks ago we all got to meet. My wife is a huge fan of Harrison Barnes and I was just happy we both got to meet him. Very friendly and humble guy. I appreciate the kind words and meeting!
Go Dubs!